Artist Statement

I paint to express my feeling and to make sense of my life. Painting is my outlet, through it I let out my pain and frustration as well as my joy and happiness, turning all my feelings into positive energy that fuels my paintings. My painting style is very instinctual and spontaneous. I try not planning what I am going to paint, but just sit down and look at something and recreate it as my own, whether it is a face, a figure, animal or anything else. I believe that is how I create my best work because by doing so I truly believe in myself and my talent and let it guide my hand in the creation of my work. My subject matter varies depending on my mood and my life, which is constantly changing. I am a spontaneous person who is always on the go and is always bursting with ideas. My work reflects it in its constant style and subject matter changes. When I paint, I try to forget what it is I’m painting, but just see the colors, lines and objects in front of me. I believe that when we paint what we know, we forget to paint what we see. The apple is not red because we know it is. It is a multitude of different colors and being able to depict that, is what’s going to make it pop out of the canvas. I paint as much for me as for others.

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